2019 FWD Street Stock

FWD STREET STOCK 4 & 6 cylinder only!  NO V8's

1. Must be 100% stock!!1980 AND NEWER CARS. No cross breeding.

2. Entire drivetrain must be same make as car (Chevy to Chevy ford to ford).

3. Must be the factory engine, with an exception of aftermarket headers are permitted to point up or down. Wire safety will be taken into consideration, header wrap/insulation is permitted. No header protectors. May run homemade shifter if needed.

4. Engine must be mounted with stock mounts in stock position, with stock bolts. No welding of mounts.

5. Doors must be chained or wired. No more than 6 places per door. Driver’s door may be reinforced on the outside skin, no further than 3” past driver’s door seam.

6. You may add a behind the seat bar, welded from door pillar to door pillar. If using this safety option, it must be welded and/or bolted to stay or you’ll lose/modify it. Safety first. No other bars.

7. Trunks must be chained or wired in no more than 6 places after inspection. Trunk must be open for inspection-no exceptions. You may fold the trunk 90 degrees down and chain or wire it to the floor pan, using 2 of your 6 spots of chain or wire, after inspection.

8. You may notch or dimple the rear of the car to assist in the rear going up and in.

9. NO body creasing before inspection.

10. Hoods may be wired or chained in 4 spots. 1 chain or 2 strands per hole. It must be sheet metal to sheet metal only. No welding washers for holes. Must be 12" hole in hood in case of fire. Remove hood latch!!! Hood must be open for inspection.

11. Any tires permitted and wheel modifications welcome-we don’t want flats.

12. You may leave stock gas tank in stock location if it’s in front of the rear end. If it is behind rear end, it must be moved inside the car to rear floor. If moving inside, you must use a fuel cell or boat tank. Tank must be covered and may not be factory if mounted inside the car.

13. Windshield may be left in car or you can remove windshield! All glass and trim must be removed from the exterior of the car.

14. Suspension must work, however, you may add twist in spacers or blocks to the coils for tire clearance. You may also wire your rear coils in. You may reinforce tie-rods with flat or angle.

15. Factory 80 and newer bumpers or single piece of 3” x 3” max size box tubing, ONLY may be welded on. Tubing must be straight, no contour and no point. Shock may be collapsed, but must remain in factory location-not slid back inside frame. If hard nosing any car, remove the bumper shock completely.

16. You may move the battery (one battery) to the passenger side floor. You may move the factory wiring harness. You may eliminate the key start with hot wire start. You may strip under the hood.




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